one of my best a-ha moments was when i realized i was worthy of goodness simply because i was born. life was not going to get better just because i ate healthy, i exercised daily, or that i cleaned up our household, personal care, and beauty products. yes, all of these efforts are noble and just, but i was still left longing for more. when i learned to become quiet and sit with my thoughts and emotions, i felt that longing begin to subside. my inner world was just as important as my outer world. & my inner world was always a lovely, kind, gentle & curious place – especially as a child. i loved spending time by myself wandering and wondering in the beauty of nature. i lost it during my young adult years until my late-thirties. so much to learn & do & grow & advance in society. it began to feel like the more action i would take, the more lost i became. i’ve come to learn that stopping and quieting and stillness are vital for me to survive in a healthy way now. i depend on it as much as a healthy meal, coffee or a run with my friends & time with those i love & those who lift me.


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