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Diana P, K5 teacher

"I catch my kiddos practicing the breathing techniques Molly teaches them!"

Karrie H, 5th grade teacher

"I think the students and I are getting a lot out of this and it is a great way to really learn about each other in the classroom and how we all feel."

Emily S, 1st grade teacher

"I appreciate the deep breathing and being connected to my emotions, and being in touch with my own brain and body's feelings."

Anonymous, school teacher

"I have taken away being more aware of my own body, reactions and ways to settle myself when needed using various techniques".

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"I love being able to utilize the different ways to center myself when I'm frustrated, and focus my energy when I feel ungrounded. I see the students benefiting from the same practices I do."

Jan E, Middle school 

"I would absolutely recommend Mindful Molly to all schools. I strongly feel that she has been key in bringing body awareness full circle into our K4 classroom. We talk a lot about being kind and the different feelings people can have. Mindful Molly brings body awareness and coping skills in to complete our SEL."

Heidi S, 4K teacher

"I love collaborating with MOLLY. It is a privilege to work with her and support student growth with her."

Kim B, School Counselor