is it wise to always listen to what your mind is telling you?

do you find yourself:

  • feeling like there’s never enough time during the day to get everything done?

  • blowing up over little events or situations?

  • saying something you wish you could take back?

  • feeling preoccupied with thoughts regarding your child, your student, your patient, or your client?

  • having trouble sleeping because you simply have too much on our mind?

  • longing for a sense of balance in your life?

  • is your mind always trustworthy?

learning to live mindfully means understanding your inner world. part of how we begin to trust our minds is to become familiar with their unique patterns. to do this you must learn to train your awareness to actually look at and observe your own mind. mindfulness is settling down until you become quiet enough to discover your inner world. when you do this you become AWARE of your thoughts and emotions without becoming ATTACHED to them. it takes a minute to learn this power and and lifetime to master it.

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