& families

Let’s make your mind a better place to be. 

For families and groups, these sessions can be customized so that some are individual and some are all together. For children, it is recommended to meet as a family, as well as to give the child some solo coaching time. 

$250 for 4 sessions of mindfulness coaching

Ideally, this will take place in-person, at your home or another location where you feel most comfortable. Virtual coaching is available as well. 

Everyone. Enjoy solo coaching or make it a family or group affair. We all deserve to have techniques to use in times of stress. 

A social emotional health and wellness program that is customized for each individual or family. This program is both preventative and restorative. That means that the tools you will learn can be applied to your current situations, and they can also be kept in your mental toolbox so that you respond in a healthy way to future situations. 

Repair your mind and body from the daily wear and tear with this restorative energy healing. Book a free consultation to learn more.

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