giving love is very natural to me – i’m a giver by nature. receiving love has traditionally been hard. my masculine energy- doing side has always been much stronger than my feminine energy – receiving side. i’m learning though & every time i learn my inner knowing grows louder & clearer.

here’s where my most recent lesson began:

earlier on sunday morning…

i was really tired and feeling very overstimulated today. i’ve been watching nonstop basketball for too many days in a row. sitting on the bleachers in the loud & smelly gyms, with fluorescent lights overhead glaring down, middle school boys & all their hormones on display for everyone, except maybe themselves, to see.

as much as i love my boys & i love watching them compete, my mind began to feel like the basketball – like it has been tossed & thrown & banged & grabbed & fought over & swished & bombarded. i sensed an overwhelming dread come across me, and i reached out for help. i told my husband i felt overwhelmed & needed his attention for a minute. while this may not seem like much, it was a big step for me. he very gladly accepted my request & granted me my simple wish, knowing that i’m working hard on asking for his help. he offered me the space to be held in love. with no questions & no advice, just love.

i needed to feel love to get back to my senses. i needed to feel love to balance myself. i needed to feel love to regain my sense of peace. i needed to feel love to find joy again.

i needed to ask & receive.

i asked and was given.

i was given & i received.

& just in time for international women’s day! my feminine energy side is balancing itself out within me. as we walked the dog later in the evening, i felt the very full moon gazing down on me. with soft clouds surrounding her, she whispered “ask & you shall receive”. when she speaks, i listen & learn.

i’m going to continue to ask for love when i need it.

& i’m going to continue to receive it when offered.

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