My Role Is Changing

You three have been my job for the past 16 years. It’s a job I signed up for willingly and am grateful to have. My responsibility has mainly been to care for, guide, direct, hold, and love you through everything in your life.

Now is a time of significant transition for me as your mom. You are young men who no longer need me for everything, which is good and natural. And it’s forcing me to pivot  – to let you lead while I cheer you on from the sidelines, offering my wisdom and perspective now and again when you may need and or request it.

This is a new role for me, and I ask for your patience, please. Sometimes the story I tell myself is that I know better what’s best for you because I have more life experience. While this may sometimes be true, it is not always true. Me constantly butting in strips you of your innate ability to forge ahead on your path. I will always step in if I see you heading for life-threatening danger, but I can learn to step aside for the tiny life things that pop up. 

This new role for me is a beautiful change that causes me many tears and much grief – both of which are okay and necessary in life.  I will be stronger and a better mother to you by letting myself feel it all and express it to you. 

So, thank you for your patience, thank you for your kindness towards me, and thank you for remembering that I’m also just a simple human being who happens to be your mom who could use some love, a hug, a ‘how’s it going,’ and a smile now and again.  

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