once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a little girl who knew she wanted to become a mom.

she watched her own mother very closely & learned many lessons.

she knew it was going to be hard work, but this little girl loved a good challenge. she grew up & met the man that would call her wife.

“now is the time” she thought & begged & pleaded,

but the world had different plans.

her heart needed to break several times before she could claim the coveted title.  each break opened her heart little by little until the world deemed her ready.

3 boys came to her in their own unique way & made her a mom.

these 3 continue to open her heart with each new day.

“a mother is someone who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.” ~ author unknown

i’m in tune today with the heartache that rides in tandem with the love of motherhood.

it is the hardest job ~ because of the constant

balance between the joy & pain .


i hold the pain with the woman who feels a void

  • from missing her own mom

  • from missing the child she lost too soon

  • from missing the baby that was never born from her belly

  • with the mom who gave her child a life separate from her own

  • with the mom who continues to fight for her life

  • with the mom who lives solely on hope & little else

  • with the mom who watches her baby struggle with mental & physical health

  • with the mom who struggles with her own health

  • with the black & brown skinned mom raising her babies in our nation, you are not alone ~ there is no such thing as ‘someone else’s child’ ~ you deserve some time to rest & grieve while the rest of us pick up your fight for safety & security for all

  • with the woman, inside the mother, who feels a little lost & unsure & unsteady

  • with the woman who was never given the title of ‘mom’

  • & with the dad who is trying his best to be both mom & dad to her babies

women are the most amazing creatures who walk this earth.

what we endure & how we thrive are miracles that live daily around you.

today is a day to celebrate all we are.

i celebrate today, by holding space, for all the pain

that is a part of all the love.

women are warriors who become healers.

we heal when we see one another

& love one another for

simply being.

i see you, women

& i you all.

jeff, tomas & gunn (who was having none of it this day). & me, their mom.

jeff, tomas &

gunn (who was having none of it this day).

& me,

their mom.

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  1. Mary Lou Schwab says:

    So Proud of you!!! Love Mom

  1. Mary Lou Schwab says:

    So Proud of you!!! Love Mom