i opened up one of my favorite newsletters this morning

THE SUNDAY PAPER from Maria Shriver & read this quote:

“…in trying to help others, we might come to realize that compassionate action involves working with ourselves as much as working with others.” -Pema Chödrön

& it struck me as to why i started doing what it is i’m doing. i share with everyone my mindfulness & reiki practice more for me than for you. it allows me to continue on my own healing journey while helping others discover theirs.

which brings us into the reality of our modern world today

…a moment of history in the making….

to help us move forward in this new world, it helps to understand a few things about how our minds, bodies & spirits work within us.

when our bodies feel on high alert & sense immanent danger, our minds are designed to see in tunnel vision. this wiring has been with us since the beginning of human existence. it was put into place to keep us safe, as we could focus very acutely on surviving. this innate ability has kept the human species alive & be able to thrive throughout our history. in our first world society, this particular ability is, quite possibly, becoming our own human unraveling.

our bodies, under everyday modern stress, do not have the capability to tell if we are needing to literally fight for our survival, or stand in front of a large group of people & give a presentation. the body reacts the same to perceived danger. tunnel vision & physical reactions such as sweating, heart racing, a ping pong tournament in our bellies run amok within our nervous systems, causing us to to want to freeze or to run. the proven way to connect your mind with your body is to




this resets your reaction system, to go from tunnel vision to seeing the bigger picture,

giving you the space to choose a wise response to your situation.

i learned awhile ago this skill to stop and breath. to be able to move from narrow minded into a big open space finding better responses for me to choose from.

like learning to have zero expectations.

& i mean Z E R O.

**for MOST settings.
(the main exceptions include family chore time -please see photo below – we aim higher than ‘half-ass effort’ & how my students treat each other )


when i learned to get good at


i was able to see the bigger picture of

who i am.

“expectation is the root of all heartache.”

~william shakespeare

i was able to develop a strong &

steady sense of my own internal, inherent worth.

there is a delicate balance that needs to be had between releasing the expectation we have for others, while valuing our own self worth.

this teaching i’m doing & these tools i’m sharing is exactly what i’m supposed to be doing in the world, out loud & for others to see & perhaps try on.

which scares the shit out of the girl in me, who sometimes, still does not feel worthy. she pops up from time to time, whispering

“what in the sam hell are you doing? just shut it, already!”

& then I stop

& feel my feet on the ground.

i take 3-5 deep breaths deep within my body.

i create the space i need for my knowing.

she gently & matter of factly states:

“it’s all good.

the people who need to hear you will.

just share your gifts with the world. “

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