There are a handful of things I need to support me when I’m in the midst of struggling. Analytical thinking is not one of them.  

The issues taking up the most space in my mind lately revolve around raising my 3 teen boys. Each one is presenting me with different conundrums.

Simple questions like “did he brush his teeth today” or “has he showered recently” to increasingly complex ones like “how much online porn has he been exposed to” or “is he lying or telling the truth this time” have been plaguing me.  

Having a solid foundation in childhood development, including brain development has been helpful. But these alone don’t solve anything or make the problems go away. 

It has taken me years to understand and accept that rational thinking does not trump sensation and emotion in human beings. Logical answers do not stop the feelings of overwhelm from arising within me. 

What do I need while in the middle of the struggle?

*Movement outside with trusted people who hold space for me

*Putting words to my feelings, either written or spoken

*My daily mindfulness practice 

*My daily self-compassion practice

When I can provide these things for myself, I am able to move from a place of overwhelm to a place of clear thinking to help me navigate the next best move. Then, and only then, the logical steps to take appear and guide me.

What helps you most when you are in the midst of struggle?

Would you be interested in a guided mindfulness practice?

Would you be interested in a guided self-compassion practice?

Leave a comment below or drop me a message about…

*what your strategies are and how they are working….

*if you’d like me to create some audio meditations and share them with you…

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