1st -5th general info

Helpful videos and information for kids and adults to better understand themselves.

1st-5th Graders

  • Why do we lose control of our emotions?

    Understanding our emotions and why we sometimes lose control of them. Kid and adult friendly video.

  • Handmodel of Brain

    I teach the kids about Flipping Their Lids. This is from Dr. Dan Siegel and he articulates this process for adults. Talk to your child about what you learned here!

  • Understanding Sensations

    Click here to learn more about how our body communicated to us through our Felt Sensations. We are our bodies, and its so helpful to start tuning into them to better understand ourselves!

1st-5th Graders

  • Self-Compassion

    Self-Compassion is a key predictor in your ability to be Resilient. Learn more about this very important practice!

  • Moving Your Body When Stressed

    It’s important to allow your body to move in a way that can help the stress loosen it’s hold on you.

  • Taking in the Good Practice

    10 second challenge to Soak In 1 Good Thing from your life. Practice this daily, and your brain will rewire itself to look for the good more and more.