SSB Family K4 & K5 Weeks 1-2 (Copy)

St. Sebastians School

Family Membership K4 and K5

Feelings Detective

The past two weeks we have implemented the “Feelings Detective” Role in the K4 and K5 classrooms. This role is designed to increase your child’s awareness of the range of emotions we all feel as human beings. The Detective notices and reports when he/she notices when friends display signs of the chosen emotion for the week. The teacher asks questions like:

  • How did you know they were feeling this way?

  • How did their face look? How did their body look?

  • How did their voice sound?

    *These are designed to build your child’s emotional awareness, and vocabulary.

    *This role is the building block to Mindfulness.

Feelings Fish

To help little ones understand how emotions often have sound, movement, color and texture, we play a game called My Feelings Fish. This game taps into their sensations, imagery, and creativity. We will work our way toward Being the Ocean, and practice holding the feeling fish in our ocean bodies with loving kindness until it swims on. This helps the kids understand how our emotions come and go.

Elmo explores the Big Feelings in his body

Watch this short video with Elmo and his mom exploring the big feelings in his body. This is a process called Name It To Tame It from Dr. Dan Seigel. It helps kids understand their emotions better.

Special Star Body Scan

You and your child are invited to listen to the almost 6 minute body scan audio. It’s a practice to help your child integrate calmness and safety within themselves and their bodies.